Donations and Support of Imago Dei

Imago Dei continues to be supported by groups and individuals who believe in our mission.  We are incredibly grateful for this support.  We always welcome you support and help.

The Thomas A. Plein Foundation.  Since 2004, we have been given gifts and grants to help with the Imago Dei mission and vision.  We are very grateful to the Board and, specifically, Matthew Frazier (President of the Board) for their grants over the past few years.

  Imago Dei T-Shirts

Purchase an Imago Dei T-Shirt for $20 plus shipping (in the U.S. $1.50).  We have two designs.  Beige with blue lettering and our exclusive cross/rainbow cloth logo.  A few of our previous t-shirt design in red with white lettering.  Send us email if you wish to order.


We want to thank some people and businesses for supporting Imago Dei:

Click Catering - "Quality & Freshness are First"

2220 Kirk Ave - Las Vegas, NV 89101 - 702-586-9725 (LIC# P2700554139845)